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ROR of Average Investor Trails Major Benchmarks

The typical investor is almost always his/her own worst enemy. Overconfidence, behavioral biases and emotional decisions conspire to ensure investment returns trail not only most major asset classes but even inflation. Consider the ROR of the average investor over the past 20 years: 2 SOURCES: JPMorgan Asset Management, Barclays, FactSet, S&P, Dalbar. 60/40 and 40/60 [...]

10 Investment Tips for 2017

Advice from the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy to help investors make better informed investment decisions and avoid common scams in 2017: Always check the background of an investment professional—it is easy and free. You can find details of an investment professional’s background and qualifications through the search tool on the SEC’s website [...]

Capturing 100% of the Downside

Passive investing (i.e. indexing) has been beaten into our heads as the “best” method of achieving our investment goals. There’s a lot to like. Internal operating expenses are low and, generally, most actively-managed funds cannot beat or exceed their benchmark. So why not index? Here’s the inconvenient truth. Investors focusing solely on cost and return [...]

Revisiting Decision-Making Biases

Our caveman ancestors had a simple test for survival – Fight or Flight. In our modern world money is the source of survival. As a result every primitive survival and pleasure-seeking drive is intensely focused on capturing and guarding money. These drives are involuntary and highly emotional emerging more quickly and forcefully than logical analysis. [...]