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Relief for Taxpayers Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Individuals and businesses impacted by Hurricane Harvey have been granted tax relief by the IRS.  The following counties are eligible: Aransas Bee Brazoria Calhoun Chambers Fort Bend Galveston Goliad Harris Jackson Kleberg Liberty Matagorda Nueces Refugio San Patricio Victoria Wharton EXTENSIONS:  Individuals and businesses with valid extensions (due to expire 10/16/17 and 9/15/17 respectively) will [...]

End of the Stretch IRA?

The powerful tax-deferral tool is likely nearing its end. WHAT IS STRETCHING: Sustaining and maximizing the tax-deferred status of an IRA when the beneficiary is a non-spouse such as a child. WHO LIKES IT: Beneficiaries who accrue years of compounded, tax-deferred growth while minimizing the Present Value of the liability (i.e. $1 in the future [...]

One Chart – 120 Years of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

As one of the oldest and best-known indexes the DJIA is not only a benchmark for the world’s largest stock market but, also, a barometer of global confidence.  This chart details the DJIA’s performance since 1896.     It’s interesting to note how the highs and lows have reflected the U.S. economy. Greater still is [...]

Mid-Year Investment Outlook

We recently completed and are happy to share with you Apollo's 2017 Mid-Year Investment Outlook. It incorporates q1 activity with projections for future economic, tax and political events. It is meant to be a general guideline - not specific advice/recommendations.  Specifics (cash flow, tax, estate, etc) dictate how this information may be incorporated into one's [...]

If You Don’t Have a Plan the Government Has One for You

According to a recent study by just 40% of U.S. adults have a will (including only 36% of U.S. adults who have children under the age of 18). What’s more only 53% of U.S. adults have a healthcare power of attorney (“POA”). What’s the big deal? Without a will or similar trust agreement decisions [...]

More “Fair Share” BS

On January 10th California Governor Jerry Brown proposed a whopping $179.5 billion (yes, that’s a “B”) budget. State revenues are projected to fall short by $1.6 billion. The culprit? All those greedy millionaires and billionaires who refuse to pay their “fair share.” According to the most recent data (2014) the top 10% of the state’s [...]