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401(k) Company Match on the Rise for Wrong Reasons

As companies shift away from defined-benefit retirement plans (i.e. we’ll pay you $x per year for the rest of your life) towards defined-contribution plans (i.e. you contribute x% per year) an inducement for employee participation is the company match.  It’s that free money 100% ROR of which we’d be foolish not to take advantage. One [...]

One Chart – 120 Years of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

As one of the oldest and best-known indexes the DJIA is not only a benchmark for the world’s largest stock market but, also, a barometer of global confidence.  This chart details the DJIA’s performance since 1896.     It’s interesting to note how the highs and lows have reflected the U.S. economy. Greater still is [...]

ROR of Average Investor Trails Major Benchmarks

The typical investor is almost always his/her own worst enemy. Overconfidence, behavioral biases and emotional decisions conspire to ensure investment returns trail not only most major asset classes but even inflation. Consider the ROR of the average investor over the past 20 years: 2 SOURCES: JPMorgan Asset Management, Barclays, FactSet, S&P, Dalbar. 60/40 and 40/60 [...]

10 Investment Tips for 2017

Advice from the SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy to help investors make better informed investment decisions and avoid common scams in 2017: Always check the background of an investment professional—it is easy and free. You can find details of an investment professional’s background and qualifications through the search tool on the SEC’s website [...]