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You’ve Been Lying To Yourself

So you’re a long-term investor, eh?  You don’t make emotional decisions, right?  Then who’s responsible for this:

The above (courtesy of Bloomberg) shows that over the 4 trading days from Feb 1-6 “investors” (let’s call them what they are…speculators) pulled a record $17.4 billion from the benchmark ETF tracking the S&P 500.

People continue to be their own worst enemies.

Here’s some painful truth:

The markets aren’t rigged.  Trump had nothing to do with this.  Dreamers, Black Lives, the Kardashians, etc.  Stop making excuses.  If you sold it was your choice.  If you bought back in at a higher price (FOMO, baby!) it was your choice.

Emotion never has been and never will be a prudent investment strategy.

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